New Hope for the Country That Never Sleeps:

As insomnia rates soar across America, a new app Loóna launches to help people escape into a world of sleep

New York, NY (October, 2020) – The creators behind Facebook and Instagram Face Filters (MSQRD) – now used by over one billion people worldwide - have unveiled their latest app. Loóna helps people to disengage from their stresses of daily life and use their mobile technology instead to escape into the world of sleep.

A recent UCLA study published that scientists saw a 37% increase. in the rates of clinical insomnia when COVID-19 was at its peak. Now more than ever, consumers are needing a good night’s sleep, but the reality and research shows that ‘COVID-somnia’ is affecting many people with predictions – it could even outlast the pandemic.

With the bleak news around lack of sleep that many Americans experience, respite can be found in the palm of your hand with the arrival of Loóna.

Loóna provides users with unique experiences known as “Sleepscapes”: a combination of an interactive coloring activity with ambient music and guided storytelling. This experience allows users to completely disengage from their day and contributes to a healthy wind-down ritual before bedtime. The world-class technology behind Loóna, which is inspired by the team’s former work with Facebook, produces an immersive and visually stunning world that showcases mobile technology’s potential to boost wellbeing.

The app is available for download now on iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets. The creators utilize social media to request feedback from users about Loóna so they can continue to improve the user experience. The Loóna team is also working on independent scientific studies into the health applications of the technology. Whether it is personal experiences, COVID-19 or the upcoming political election, those that have been one of the first to try the app are seeing positive results in being able to escape and unwind.

Loóna is a team of 35 full-time employees, all focused and dedicated to producing interactive experiences that will engage the mind in a restful way. A Sleepscape can take as many as 357 hours to create. From coders, digital artists, story tellers and 3D composition artists, each Sleepscape is a piece of art in its own right and has its own story to reveal.

Eugene Nevgen, Co-Founder of Loóna, said: “Our last venture was focused on fun and entertaining content, but we wanted to use that experience to help people in other ways. Our work involves long hours and international travel and we noticed how hard it was to switch off and wind-down, especially in stressful times. The idea with Loóna was to use technology for good – to boost people’s wellbeing by helping them prepare for sleep. This isn’t just about functional techniques like breathing and counting exercises but an inspiring and magical experience using art, stories and music to transition the mind from day to night.”

Andrew Yanchurevich, Co-Founder of Loóna added: “We originally opted for a soft launch of the app to fully learn what consumers thought however we saw great results in that we had a 30-day retention rate of 20%. This is not standard of the industry as retention rates for other mindfulness apps are usually between 2-6% so we were really taken aback by these figures, not only the demand of the app but also the reasons why people were using it and how Loóna was helping them.”

Some of Loóna’s investors include: Elefund, Silicon Valley-based VC firm who was the first investor in Calm & Robinhood; Hoxton Ventures, London-based VC firm whose portfolio includes Deliveroo and Babylon; and Natalia Vodianova, a Supermodel, philanthropist and mental-health activist.

Loóna already has 350,000 users and is actively growing. Upon launch, Loóna was named Apple “App of the day” in the US. Loóna is currently available on iOS, Android and in the Google Play app stores. Loóna PLUS provides user access to the entire collection of Sleepscapes. The subscription options are: 1-month subscription for $9.99, 1-year subscription with a 7-day trial for $39.99 (price may vary by location).

About Loóna

Loóna is an app that allows anyone to disengage and escape into another world by participating in their proprietary, “Sleepscapes”. This unique tool created by Loóna, provides the user with an interactive coloring activity paired with ambient noise and guided storytelling which transports the user into a better mood, more suited for sleep and deep relaxation. Visit Loó for more information.

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