Turn your smartphone into a sleep helper with Loóna.

How Coloring and Stories Combine for Bedtime Relaxation.

Loóna is a brand-new way to relax at the end of a busy day and prepare for sleep. The app’s time-bounded sessions help control the pre-sleep screen time and combine the scientifically-backed techniques that reinforce relaxation and instill better sleep hygiene.

There is a paradox to relaxation and sleep. When we try to power down, the brain monitors our efforts, become more restless and tends to fidget instead, which then prevents us from calming down. Loóna provides the users with a coloring activity based on simple repetitive motions and encourages the brain to utilize its motor skills regaining focus and eliciting a relaxation response that in its turn induces calm.

Original soothing ambient music composed by Loona’s sound designers reinforces calm and allow the brain to concentrate on sedative, and organic noises, strengthening the relaxation environment.

Once the mind is captivated and distracted from worrying about actually going to sleep, Loóna adds the element of storytelling into the process to re-create the comfortable and secure atmosphere, similar to that of childhood.

It is in bringing together these key functions, all in one place, that the app stands out. Aside from not needing to think about switching on/off several relaxation apps, the user is encouraged to take what is natural to them – a cell phone – and augment its usage from a sleep disturber into a sleep helper.

This creates a routine that the user can engage in on a nightly basis, without its becoming boring, and drift off into a better night’s sleep.